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Solid Oak Frames

We design, build and install windows and can replace existing design or help to plan a new design.


We specialise in period properties and can also cater for more contemporary design. With over 50 window designs we have windows to fit any house. With our skilled Glazier we make hand made leaded glass windows that can be used in combination with ancient designs to give a stunning effect.


Flat Metal Casements In Oak Frames

Hand Forged Hinges / Latches / Stains

Hand Made Antique Effect Glass


Oak Casement Windows

Hand Made Leaded Glass​

Double Glazed Units

Sash Windows

In the UK the vast majority of Georgian and Victorian buildings are still fitted with vertical sash windows. The British Woodworking Federation are carrying out a campaign to make sure they are maintained and and/or replaced using adequate replicas to preserves historic houses. Rather than fitting new out of place windows, we can custom build and fit perfectly designed replicas that not only can be operated with ease, provide ideal ventilation and can be opened and closed without worry of knocking things off the windowsill, we can also design shutters, blinds to perfectly compliment their design.

To order or commission any doors please contact us within reasonable working hours. Get in touch here.

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